We Have More Than 20 Years of Experience in the Electro-Mechanical Apparatus Industry

Founded in 1994, Stanford Electric has built itself up from a two man operation in to a major player in the Electrical Apparatus Industry. More than twenty years after Stanford’s inception, they have built solid relationships with their customers through value-added services and their outstanding commitment to producing quality products. The company is conveniently located in Toronto (Steeles and Hwy 27), with immediate access to all major highways. Currently Stanford is recognized as being specialist in the repair and service of Electrical Apparatus Equipment.

Stanford increasingly moves to provide exceptional service to all of its customers. They have achieved and maintained their high quality standards through: ISO-9001-2008 certification, being a member of EASA, and by using the latest methods in technology, equipment and materials. Stanford ensures that every re-manufactured unit is tested before it leaves their facility and also provides an extensive warranty.

What’s Stanford’s secret to their on-going success?

Simple – it’s based on a philosophy that can be summed up with these three words: Quality, Consistency and Efficiency.