Our Services

Troubleshooting & Testing:

Megger, Resistance, Impedance, Inductance, Phase Angle, Speed, Volt, Amp etc.

On Site Repairs:

Replace Bearings, Mechanical Seals, Controls, Programming PLC, VFD etc.

Removal and Installation:

Motors, Pumps, Generators and Controls etc.

Vibration Analysis:

Using Vibration Tester, According to NEMA Specifications, in Mils, Acceleration, In/Sec.

Field Balancing:

Portable Lap-Top with Encoder and Transducers, 2-Plane, 1-Plane etc., Balance to NEMA Specifications ISO-G scale.

Laser Alignment:

SKF Unit, Latest in Technology, to NEMA Specifications, 0.5 Mils Accuracy.

Stanford Eletric Certifications